Shapers Engineering Scale Models Sdn Bhd specialises in crafting scaled-down models for various purposes; from engineering to architectural to advertising applications. The company, founded in 1983, is reputed as one of the very few leading companies in the industry known for its precision craftsmanship.


Helmed by our founder, Mr. Henry K. B. Lee, who has a sound understanding of the various disciplines of engineering and has over 38 years of experience crafting a plethora of scaled-down models for various industries – locally and internationally.


Apart from crafting models our company also provides other related services such as, repairing and re-conditioning of damaged models and the like.





我厂拥有美国激光割切系统,日本车床机,中国3D打印机,专属喷漆室,高端雕刻 / 打印机等一系列成套现代化生产设备,十多位资深技术模型师傅,全面实行严格的模型制作系统流程,高效率,低能耗,因此创造了高品质的完善统一。


协贝淅技术模型有限公司以 “信誉第一,客户至上;科技创新,精益求精”为宗旨,将科学理论运用到工艺制作上,不断开发出高效技能,力争走在世界同行业前沿。


我们的努力 —— 您的满意! 卓越品位! 跨越国际!